rampagePerth Men’s Derby was established in 2012 by RAMPAGE, the cool dude you see here. After learning to skate with WA Roller Derby, Manpage, as he’s affectionately known, decided that he wasn’t content to remain on the sidelines of the action and went about forming Perth Men’s Derby – the first men’s roller derby league in Western Australia.

Most of our members (players and coaches) started roller derby with little or no skating experience. Others have come in with backgrounds ranging from social skating only to disciplines such as speed, artistic and inline and quad roller hockey. Our primary focus of the league is to develop male skaters and enable them to reach a point where they are able to take part in competitive roller derby.

With only a few members to begin with, Perth Men’s Derby has been going from strength to strength since its inception. We’ve been able to play games with and against some of the top level skaters in WA and have even been lucky enough to be able to take our team all over the country to play against some awesome men’s teams (with the help of some hardcore Bunnings’ sausage sizzles).

At the end of 2014, Perth Men’s Derby took its game across to QLD to compete in the first ever Australian Men’s Roller Derby National Tournament. While coming the furthest away from first as you can get, our guys did an amazing job against some pretty fierce competition and came back pumped to prepare for the next one.

Today we have a core group of dedicated gentlemen and even a few ladies who have worked hard to grow PMD into a competitive men’s roller derby league. We’ve developed a strong team rapport and are mates on and off the track. If you’d like to join the family, please contact us – we don’t bite!

Roller Derby – what is it?

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard about roller derby! Interest in roller derby has grown exponentially across the globe over the last 10+ years, after a revival of the 1930’s sport. It exploded onto the Perth scene in 2008 when the first women’s league in WA formed – Perth Roller Derby. Since it’s revival, roller derby has typically been an all-female sport, however, men’s roller derby has been taking off around the world as more and more people (male and female) discover the joys of roller derby.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… but what IS it?

Ok so imagine this:

  • An oval track
  • Two teams of up to 14 each
  • The game goes for an hour (2 x 30 minute halves) made up of ‘jams’
  • The jams can last up to 2 minutes each, after a jam you can have at least 30 seconds before the next one begins
  • At the start of each jam, the teams each send out 1 x jammer and 4 x blockers
  • Each team score 1 point for each opposing blocker they pass
  • First jammer to get through the pack of blockers is lead jammer. Lead jammer can call the jam to an end when most beneficial for his team
  • The blockers are there to simultaneously help their own jammer through and stop the other jammer by means of ‘blocking’
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Of course it’s not really as simple as that, there’s a lot more rules, in fact, there’s a whole handbook of rules – we won’t go into them right now!

What you need to know is that it’s a full contact sport played on quad roller skates. We wear a variety of protective gear and there are many rules in place to tell you what you can and can’t do, which also go towards keeping everyone safe – it’s not as dangerous as some may have you believe. What it is though is FUN. It’s really a lot of fun.

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